Monday, February 17, 2014

Four Fathers and the Arms

I am really glad that I changed my profession from banking to teaching. Banking is boring and stressful. Even though, some stress is involved in teaching too, the humour you come across while teaching kids makes it easily bearable.

Once, I was doing a Buddhism lesson to grade 5 kids and was explaining about Lord Buddha’s second visit to Sri Lanka. I told them that it was to Nagadeepa and the two kings, Chulodara and Mahodara were fighting over their rights to a throne embedded with precious gems which was inherited from their forefathers. Suddenly one boy raised his hand and I gave him the chance to speak.

He asked me, “Sir, how did the two kings have four fathers?”

Another day, I was telling them about Lord Buddha’s visit to his home town, Kimbulwathpura.  I explained that even though Buddha was invited to King Suddodhana’s castle on the first day for meals, on the second day there was no invitation and he had to go from door to door on alms begging. 
Suddenly, a kid asked, “Sir, how many arms did he get?”